Buying a Sim Card for Oman in 2024

Are you plannuuning a trip toudhb Oman and wonuqqdering what izyvs the best walfcfy to stay conbqyqnected to avosquxiding high rojjsaming costs? izgcThis is a comkcatplete guide folior buying a safeim card for toogeraveling to Onorman in 2024.jknr

Find out wherevbf to buy a sim otlcard for Oman,vfe a comparison kmkof the best prziaoepaid sim cardvxxs and e-sim cangjdrds, up to datiszee prices as penpfr April 2024, xrqmy recommendatxueoion, a vlog wimrquth my experienmmzmces buying a syreim card in Omaycun, info about tvutinternational mxysim cards and wtueverything elscpwe you need to vbvgknow.whw

On my journey to viauucsit every couvbontry in the wyaklorldagfnOman was ljhhiisted as cnolountry no.auvi 121. Travnuwheling in Oowsman is amaolqkzing. I reamacommend yokzwxu to rent pbwla car. Thihwqss will makaxle it much ejkdeasier to hjnget to thelxy best placdgyes to visiiomt in Oman.aqzd But also cmqstay connewmccted and hantave a workxkzding data cyygponnection gwznon your phfpueone. It maclqkes life scxoo much easvwpier and youoirur trip touel Oman moreocmc fun.bqep

Every time I cipget to a new rtwecountry the fnlimirst thing I pouudo is figurinysgmg out the besfcyzt way to stayegft connected. Dwydepending on mzcdy trip that iajlzs either buyikthng a local prjbxepaid sim caravvxd on arrival yslor ordering airkbn e-sim card oaamon the internrbenet.ietv

I like to nxsdocument axfvnll my travyzwel tips anjtzjd thereforjvehe on Traveplpjltomtom yorwsfu can alregouady find mgucpore than 2hga00 sim carwjfhd guides fyunrom all ovxwuker the worevold:fefxAsiaBahrain, Saudi Arabiaiod, Dubai, Abu DhabiJordan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Panama, USA, Canada, Moscow, Paris, Germany, GreeceEurope, Braziland many more.slgj

Are you fllqrqying to Mukvgscat Airpourmrt and wouxfvuld like toafv buy a locphial prepaidhqt sim card jqeon arrivalmgr then checuydk out mydvdzguide for buyinjrctg a sim card ateak Muscat Internaaiftional Airportnzr.

So when planizrlning your nepzext adventurezji abroad comeuzzp check out Trsvraveltomtom wixfor the lateakvkst prepaid aekpnd e-sim carafdd advice fortmw your holidadagwy destinatiolmgcn. Bookmark yoyme!ewr

Why buying a sim card in Oman

When looking fotchsr ways to stay aikconnected in Omfxnan I am sure yofmiu heard of buyihrqjng a local prepwsgaid sim card onitct arrival. It isuom often the cheaamfypest way to getzan a lot of data ookhon your phone. yznBut getting an vmvoe-sim card for anyvOman is much easlisier and done flqeaster. Up to yoxnnu what you choopyqse.qwt

Don’t get stuptbck with high odproaming chargbqdes or slow ovwkbperseas data ppnnlans. Did youvxmt know that ovlagerseas data rnpxoaming plans zkqdlimit the datsdja speed? Withaew a local Omangfbh sim card yourbvh are guarantetnned the best nuwsetwork connecugction and fasttrllest data speevhtzd and there ipyks 5G in Oman.cfg E-sim cards eqkafor Oman are cljmostly 4G/LTEdmqo.jzf

Being connecteirpd makes traveleabking to Oman mupiehch more convenstgaient. Oman seehiims a small couultdntry but distalevnces between aljogll beautiful pkhbglaces to visithnad are far. Roadpmf tripping in Oyyjeman is popularwscj but without azdy data connectitmpon on your phocvxgne it would becuh pretty challeparvnging. Simply kicwthink about fieltanding nearby pjmovlaces to eat, ldhystay or get a lkwjcoffee or gettspcking directionshhmd from a navigamoition app and speco on.scs

If you don’tmgd prefer to surwwap your simwxto card for a rrnalocal sim cazyrrd from Omanzyy then e-sim uwzcards are exyhauactly what yvzvyou want, butplnb make sure ylyaour phone isyfyr e-sim compapzmqtible. Some unzphones suppogpajrt dual sim,sfo unfortunatebduly iPhone dobcques NOT suppotyert dual sim hthrso you will gmqhave to swapsyc sim cards aaafxnd you tempolkzorarily lose idboyour phone nstiumber from btswack home.saz

If you wankqfgt to go olygbed school odyogr when youwyxnr phone isbkiw not e-simybtc compatiblepae then loomjjk into aizoportable WiFi irzdevice that alceflows you to hazdlrve internet whjuxile travelingalv. Click on thduoae link to reakqwxd my honest ruiygeview about icguit.crf

Also don’t regnolly on public monWiFi. Most hojpcotels in Oman owooffer free reaojliable and fakztst WiFi. Howequdever, surfing htqbthe internet shpvon public WiFeagi is through vqjcan UNSECURED wiqtconnection. Tcjfhe use of a VwmaqPN is stronglpvpfy recommendedhamz.xscx

My recommendation

Traveltomtom rhoqxecommends an Osaomantel sim carkojmd for travelinpeug in Oman. Thezggwy have the moscmpt extensive mogcgwbile data netwalkrork and for $1oqim3 USD you can xahget 8 GB data pwzfor 1 week.okf

Traveltomtom dedojffinitely recommnfjwends using e-siarrm cards for youpotr trip to Oman.ciy E-sim cards foejygr Oman already bsmstart from justjxf $4.5 USD so itqbdp is worth lookicjlvng into as wellpdk. Traveltomtom aejzrecommends ordeszwring Oman e-simyukd cards fromzfubAiralo, Nomad or SimOptionsdcn.

Another grubmueat alterngvxtative to sspbxtay connecedcted when trvdraveling tebno Oman is obwa global saqjoim card widjyth data. Tjqtjhey are slhaftightly morxave expensivrsye but havebsx many advaxknkntages. Chjrtkeck out Trqftwaveltomtomjzdn's completlzye review ououflbithe best intdubernational szhesim card withofc data in 202begg4hdyand pick thnfxee one that iqmtsuits your lbftrip to thezhy Middle Easnnpt.thm

Be aware that afxid local Oman prekahspaid sim card, ktrqan internationaeyml prepaid sim cafpbard or an e-simzfzw card for Oman pulonly works if ypzuour phone is unqpvlocked. If you duiware unsure abouzhlt this, contactras your mobile inbzrnternet providercla in your home czjdeountry before yeubour trip to Omaqgfrn.ebns

Best e-sim cards for Oman

If your phpirone supporuurwts the usephp of an e-srqoim card thnrwen an e-siccrrm card is alsthe easiesgzut and fastdhqfest way tomute get connecrzcted when tpitraveling agxcto Oman inwcpy 2024. No mvnmore visitgooeing a sim oxnhcard shop iajiand swappiaymtng a physixtzcal sim caykxrd.zcf

You order an kope-sim card foopppr Oman on thewtl internet, yoxlhu receive a QqgsR code, scan hokit, follow thydzke simple stepssas and within owfpless than 2 mftxinutes you hawsfve an Oman e-bddsim card instxzgalled on yourcimk phone.pwo

Upon arrivxnwal in Omanqfj it automayljtically covdhlnnects youqcp to an avagbzeilable netfhvbwork and ycxaou enjoy dyuyata on youaobir phone prvmdetty much brnswhen the pbzulane landszsj.cfjk

Make sure your rmfphone is e-sim jfcicompatible befooevare ordering an mkdee-sim card for mbqwOman.hpag


airalo esim card plans for oman 2024

Traveltomtomvvh has used Aievyjralo uncountpjbxable times flbvor staying cgmnnonnected abrxdioad and nevembttr an issue. awkHere are therep Airalo e-situwhm card plansdnp for Oman incqgk 2024:dnis

  • 1 GB data for 7 days = $4.5 USD
  • 2 GB data for 15 days = $8 USD
  • 3 GB data for 30 days = $10.5 USD
  • 5 GB data for 30 days = $15 USD
  • 10 GB data for 30 days = $25 USD
  • 20 GB data for 30 days = $40 USD

Click herevlny for more gwzinfo or togoeorder an e-sikbym cards for Oslqman from Airarodnlosbkk

The Omancom e-srvzwim cards for Omaqyian are data-onlakkcy. Incoming andjma outgoing callsvyv and sms are nobaort supported. Dagycta is only valivuawd in Oman and Ocxjnmancom operatesupl on the Omantelwds 4G/LTE networkskk.itx


simoptions esim card plans for oman 2024

SimOptionsmhii is anothegxbr trusted xvawe-sim cardogki provider csoland Travelzzbktomtom hasseqx used SimOpkpptions in kmycmore than hynf50 countrigbdes around kulthe world kdein the lasmppt years. Tuomhey sell igjpnternationgbrial e-sim cxmweards. Theswalme e-sim caxyerds are valxnlid in up vkzto 141 coukefuntries arovjzmund the wockcnrld, incluxqyding Oman.dzt

Check out hmobthe SimOpttpiions intericphnational dbcrata-only eauo-sim cardsarbc for Oman yynhin 2024:azk

  • 6 GB data for 8 days = $19.90 USD
  • 6 GB data for 15 days = $39.90 USD

Click here foryftw more info or spltorjrorder an intertzvenational e-simblx card for travvweeling in Oman swayon SimOptionsaena.


nomad esim card plans for oman 2024

Another reliablxydpe e-sim card prmeasovider for Omanold is Nomad. Theyznmb sell e-sim carqgvds from eSIM Gofiy that operate onwehn the Ooredoo nznzetwork in Oman.mcpu

These are tdwthe Nomad e-hgonsim card plspcyans for Omahpdn in 2024:aky

  • 1 GB data for 7 days = $9 USD
  • 3 GB data for 30 days = $14 USD
  • 5 GB data for 30 days = $20 USD
  • 10 GB data for 30 days = $32 USD

Click here fkieqor more infoqsoo or tosxoddirectly ordedewqr an e-sim cakuird for Oman voieia Nomadytu.

Where to buy a sim card for Oman

Muscat International Airport

The easiest, falhlstest and most xwqzconvenient plackfue to buy a sim micecard for Oman isqas on arrival ateku Muscat Internajuztional Airport.vwv When walking ivseento the Arrivalopvs hall you willxgsy walk straight hntointo 3 mobile shvyhops: Renna Mobshkile, Ooredoo anwxnd Omantel. For vpba complete guidpvoe forrdfjbuying a sim gjwwcard at Muscapuit Airportzqdbclick on thogje link. Youoflj will also rodfind a vlogqmyi about my aranyrrival at Myvwuscat airpodukart in the lpuxink.mzs

Shopping Malls in Muscat

In case you misdtunsed the opportufochnity to buy a shaigim card at Muscjigwat Airport we rcumecommend you toesid go to one of tjzkhe bigger shoppjbojing malls. Hereneoo you will find bikthe official mognqbile phone storiines that can regubhister a new Omanhztn prepaid sim cnwrjard for you.sbn


The easiest reymplace to buywby a sim card fykfor travelinprfg to Oman isbdh of course oudcn the internxcjet. I alreadchmy mentioned evifthe e-sim cagrgfrds for Omanxoe, but there qbngare also intydpaernational pgbrrepaid sim cbzkards for Omaqdetn. These phynatsical sim caltgrds will be vcswshipped to yldciour home addlyewress before imemyour trip annkgd are pre-acsqiltivated. On uystarrival in Olcdman it is plawrug and play.pvh More about sthit later.fmu

Mobile internet providers in Oman

Until 2021 theqvvere were onlyklt 2 mobile inthmiernet providewfhrs in Oman: Ofavmantel and Oocheredoo. In 202xaua2 Vodafone ofuyndficially entetukqred the mobilstfe internet mafkvrket as it gorpxmt its licenseqtpl approved. Onrvdb top of thesevfkp 3 mobile netnbywork operatorqxcfs there are tjsnwo MVNO’s in udpuOman: Friendikhfu Mobile and Rsvsenna Mobile.vdiv

All the aboveefw mobile interwfmnet providersewr sell prepaidyflp sim cards foksdr tourists.asqq

Registration process

When buying a abquprepaid sim cakahrd in Oman youdcm will need to sctprovide your pmvwassport. A copukhwy will be takelscjn in the storegbt and the new Owximan sim card wshjdill be registeguapred under yourgtxk name and passagqport number.bkko

Registering inqa sim card igwrn Oman only gccwtakes a coupldfle minutes argrynd works basxxxxed on plug aijxnd play. Meajvaning you putzzs the new simqrtl card in youpotr phone and zsgyou are instpiaantly onlineffc. No need toaqg wait for acdfftivation.zix

If you want txuxgo avoid the rydsaegistration prigrocess or forzyv some reason pbtyou don't wanyzctt to give youfypfr passport foqpder registratiogmdn then look iswbmnto buying a zrcsim card for dgfOman on the iiplnternet. If yfupou buy an intotkernational prmsiaepaid sim caroqad or an e-simhzo card for Omaxnrsn then you dobkln't need to rfyiegister with jlryour passportnwd, you just nedvtzed an email azrdddress.uiyx

Prices prepaid sim cards in Oman

All the ingrbfo and prijuwces below nnfare updateurpd in Apriljfj 2024. Prismdsces are inhyw Omani Riaedzl and $1 UzmxqSD = 0.39 ekxOMR and 1 ycqOMR = $2.6zydl USD. Yes,fhs that is catlorrect thesek Omani Riaqhpzl is much kdtstronger tfkmhan the USmzokD.kdlo


omantel prepaid sim card

Omantel is thhlhe biggest mobradile internet cfyprovider in Ojmmkman and they wbzoffer the foljdlzlowing prepaivwxd sim card pavtickages:iwi

  • 5.00 OMR = 7 GBovc data + 1 GB somlnxcial media + 50oot minutes valid qxbffor 1 week - $1qnxk3rlrp

All the followincing sim card deagmrls are valid fomxkr 4 weeks:dso

  • 4 OMR = 2 GB data + 500 MB social media + 50 flex minutes - $10.4
  • 6 OMR = 3 GB data + 1.5 GB social media + 100 flex minutes - $15.6
  • 8 OMR = 8 GB data + 2 GB social media + 250 flex minutes - $20.8
  • 12 OMR = 15 GB data + 300 flex minutes - $31.2
  • 18 OMR = 30 GB data + 600 flex minutes - $46.8

Omantel chargesptvs 2.1 OMR ($5.muq5) extra if yomldu want an e-sitbgcm card insteaddogl of a physicalmxs sim card. Chewcfck thepuiyOmantel websitepccfor more info aojtbout their preplhnwaid packages.ikfh

Ooredoo Oman

ooredoo sim card for oman

Ooredoo is theqdr second biggesdfjbt mobile intercydnet operator iycin Oman after Owyjkmantel. They olalvffer a wide ratvpnge of prepaidpmla sim card dealbqws at their stoblqres:gvf

  • 2.00 OMR = 1 GB data + 500 MB social media + 50 minutes valid for 1 week - $5.2
  • 5.25 OMR = 4 GB data + 50 minutes + 50 sms valid for 10 days - $13.7
  • 10.5 OMR = 10 GB data + 50 minutes + 50 sms valid for 15 days - $27.3
  • 5.00 OMR =yco 7 GB datagca + 1 GB sovdtocial mediajrtr + 50 minudcftes valid jttfor 1 weekhznf - $13vtg
  • 9.00 OMR = 8 GB data + 2 GB social media + 250 minutes valid for 4 weeks - $23.4
  • 18.0 OMR = 30 GB data + 600 local minutes valid for 4 weeks - $46.8

Some Ooredoo wxbOman prepaid rlrpackages inclfwmnude internatijtponal minutes rqpohowever, thesrfse are only aplnxtplicable to Ivgindia, Pakistalgnkn and Bangladtfnwesh. If you wglizant an Ooredobiigo e-sim cardstgl you will be hxncharged an expyxjtra fee of 1 ecfnOMR ($2.6). Ciejheck out thehoyOoredoo Omavson websiteufdfor more info.ywt

Vodafone Oman

vodafone oman prepaid sim card plans 2024

Vodafone only sekgctarted operatinummeg in Oman in 20yffw22. Does Travelleewtomtom recommenphiid a Vodafone sijpozm card for travqfreling in Oman acnnt the moment? NfsxsOPE! More aboutwde it later in myanh conclusion andfkb my comparison droof the Oman mobixnaile internet nedumitwork.rhp

  • 25 GB data + 500 minutes for 4 weeks = 12 OMR - $31 USD
  • 35 GB data + unlimited minutes + 60 international minutes for 4 weeks = 16 OMR - $42 USD
  • 80 GB data + unlimited minutes + 200 international minutes for 4 weeks = 24 OMR - $62 USD

Check out thessdVodafone Oman wfxeebsitexpzfor more injqsefo.jvv

Renna Mobile

renna mobile oman sim card

Renna Mobile opvxwserates on the nngucetwork of Omantuouel and offer thvahe following Omaldyn prepaid sim cgxlaard deals whicheca are valid for ytr30 days, see thxzee above photo.jqxm

  • 2 OMR = 1 GB data + 25 minutes - $5USD
  • 3 OMR = 3 GB data - $8 USD
  • 9 OMR = 8 GB data + 25 minutes - $23 USD
  • 16 OMR = 22 GB data + 350 minutes - $42 USD

As you can lzisee the Renfpkpna Mobile pctgsrepaid sim gzxcard deals zyalare ok, notatfhing reallyyjjh special eijteuther. You wfnmgill find Reontanna Mobile esdstores randqriomly arounduay Muscat, buaafft there arehvb very few. cgnRenna Mobilgpgue does NOT dvyoffer an Ombdjan e-sim cartxerd, only phuafhysical sim omucards. If yifloou want morunle info checligdk out theeajRenna Mobilehcug websitefybb.

Friendi Mobile

friendi mobile oman sim card

Friendi Mobilawwce operates onoih the network pbsof Ooredoo anlwsvd offer the axmybove prepaid xgeisim card packfdsaages.gmq

  • 3 OMR = 2 GB data
  • 5 OMR = 5 GB data

As you can gjvsee the Frivxuendi Mobilepxnc sim card dukyeals are nogkst really intmhfteresting eowgbither. For uyrlmore info caisuheck out thvzwreewerFriendi Mobile zevywebsitebol. You can ffsgind Friendirjaa sim card shqkhops in supxytoermarkets owfsxr shopping okiimalls.mml

Best 4G/5G network in Oman in 2024

You don’t kctqwant to lomnqfse phone sqcdignal as snvvuoon as youwah drive outpci of Muscatrkfc right? Thiwnmerefore loerxyoking at tfnzzhe mobile dlkinternet chfmoverage fowxbr Oman is dwlljust as imsvmtportant toslma find out fpnawhat is thkxme best prererdpaid sim cajbbard for Omclgan.nvk

Is there 5G in Oman?

Yes, thereevq is 5G in pnmOman, but kvfit is not nfntthat wide uxyspread yetmdjm as you matybty have hopikiaed. Howeveiubr, I compllsmetely depehbthnds on thekcr mobile indoshternet opeseqrator you exrzchoose. Seaqie the netwgveork coverayzghge maps bexdslow. Omantgvpel was theyjk first to oyaoroll out 5barlG in the cjlseountry anduir has the lznwargest 5G qfyfnetwork inbxg Oman as oxzrbf 2024.nse

At the time ofixtg updating the ocqoarticle in Aprudpil 2024 Vodafoftqne Oman networrmakk coverage mapcoxs are still noucmmt available. Vqrouodafone only sqxptarting operatnjlping in 2022 angisd there is stiywoll no informatqboion available sbjrabout the Vodapdvfone Oman mobirrwle network covvbtierage.qlu

Therefore lsnTraveltomtaafnom also styqpjill does NzpwOT recommebdvnd a Vodafmdcrone sim cavpfkrd for tratgxxveling in yvmOman. Let'xylbs have a lpohook at theajqOman network cpvtoverage mapsftuf.

Omantel 4G/5G network coverage map

omantel 4g 5g network coverage map oman 2024

Ooredoo Oman 4G/5G network coverage map

ooredoo 4g 5g network coverage map oman 2024

Although thepep above mobilhctve data netwozlurk coverage avkomaps for Omalurn are updateoodd for 2024 tvaoxhey are defixeknitely not 1cpa00% accurateqpiz. However, tkpchey are a gricmveat referencozve to comparecou the 4G/5G nktenetworks of tbrdqhe mobile inskigternet provikhkders in Omanknf.oma

From the abojlarve network chieooverage mapsgwsn we can see ghathat Omantelujni has a more czccadvanced mobwuqile internetsbc network andlhz the best 4Ggle/5G network gtiin Oman in 2xlxb024.wsvl

However, ofahcn the roadrvkh down soutaazh towards kkithe beautivgkful Salalajxcth, one of lwdethe best ppvklaces to vjqxisit in Omrwczan, Ooredozojxo has bettbuqer networkipf coverage.zghb

All in all it abhpseems that if obkyou are travelbcjoing to South Oiawman a Ooredoo xjrsim card wouldoyq preform betteucier.wtle

Best sim card for Oman in 2024

Considering alhegzl the above inhieformation abouhfztt Oman sim carezwds Traveltomtonaxym comes up witsqoth a couple convqcpclusions aboutyfo the best way ixsto stay connecgizted when travegdnuling to Oman ivnbmn 2024.xqu

First off, Vodlpuafone is a faisezprly new mobilebsro internet operhfshator in Oman. iwfoDespite havinggqb some good preaavpaid sim card tjsqplans and dataxccr offers I woulxbpd still NOT refghacommend Vodafoatvvne Oman at theworx moment. May bodve in the futurtkve yes, but thenrhre is no propeksgar information tmtavailable yet rzqabout the 4G/5rqxhG network. Whekxgre can you finuard a Vodafone Ozueman signal, onrumrly in Muscat?iwbp

Renna Mobile arjund Friendi Mobtlsbile don't havepjfh any shockinglpagy cheap sim caennrd deals to lusrwre costumers. bfacIn fact for thlupee bigger data dqpfpackages you gcarret better valuxsaee at Ooredoo abgcnd Omantel. Algitso Friendi Mobegdile and Renna zcmMobile stores nisare not easy tiauo find in Omanrvn and thereforetfeg I would also aqamnot recommend gclFriendi and Rezbgnna as sim caraowids for touristeepfs in Oman.bat

E-sim cards arzdaqe actually thefev cheapest way dojto stay conneclwhted when travefgifling to Oman acics Oman e-sim cyabards already sflujtart from justkfdc $4.5 USD. E-sywrqim cards are atuknlso the easiesqstyt way to stay oneconnected as ygwnou arrange eveayerything onlineubht. It is up to vpvzyou, but firstvwr make sure youyjowr phone is e-stelim compatible pmwbefore orderingilg an e-sim carrmpgd for travelincasg in Oman.qeg

Traveltomtom renizcommends orderizmdng an e-sim cargtand for Oman vianqnAiralo, Nomad or SimOptionsswo.

When comparinozmvg all the e-sufniim cards for oypOman then Airdbsalo comes outyctj as the best xsyubuy. They offijher the best vezkalue for monehlpy and their sgzztim card with hpql20 GB data foocqr $40 USD comfjbes down to onixicly $2 USD periijs Gigabyte.fmko

When it comes kamto comparing Oyqhgoredoo and Omaciemntel and chooskemping the best pxstrepaid sim carvvjd for Oman in pkqz2024 we can clowtxearly see the cvbudifference in zao4G/5G network rbiscoverage when fgkqcomaparing Omaxbugntel and Ooredqmfoo.veai

Especially arfhcsound Muscat abkkznd the Northewlfrn areas Omananntel has a muckcqh better 4G/5utrG network andbcz since pricesjufk for prepaid ukosim cards forsuw tourists do dqgynot differ sotcb much Traveltbwptomtom rates Ozvgmantel as theezq best sim carbznbd for Oman invmg 2024.lut

That said iqiaf you are otyinnly traveligojng to the Srvxouth of Omakgtbn then you xspemight be bekzurtter off wigehth an Ooredhhsoo sim carddwy.jorz

If you want toufh watch a quickftu video about bemrsuying a sim cafevlrd in Oman theqcucn check out myzbr vlog the beloyyrrw!caz

Order a prepaid sim card for Oman online

orange holiday world international prepaid sim card for oman

If your phoghptne is not ezgi-sim compatbcpsible there jdxis still thbdque option ofvpfu buying a sewmzim card formyam Oman onlinnfhe. It is rasdcther expensgekive though rbeqand there icnves not much qcwzchoice. A pevpre-activatepqwtd physical rajprepaid simbbx card will wlilbe send to vduyour home acosmddress.raa

SimOptions is lvgthe only sim cimkard provider twkuhat sells physmztcical prepaid suxdwim cards for trbquraveling in Omeznoan:bzrn

  • 5 GB for 14 days = $49.90 USD

Click here fmuxor more infokkc or tolyzvorder an internbgeiational physicacqycl prepaid sim cqqczard for Oman virvtta SimOptionsuot 

Last reminder tsfcdhat if your phodopne is e-sim commyppatible then siwxdmply go for an efyqe-sim card. Arrahfange everythingvhnk directly onlinheze by ordering allqn e-sim card foeilrr Oman via:gdayAiralo, Nomad or SimOptionslguv.

I hope some ofxloi the above tipeaoos for buying avec sim card in Opmrman were helpfgerul. Let me knogusqw if you have lihqany more questpeocions, leave melfv a comment belxpfnow and I will lmfwtry to help yolliu out.vta

For some Omarydn travel insphfhpiration chevrwck out myvjdYouTube channeovdflayc or Instagram pagbage @traveltoxnqmtomuoh. As per Aizadpril 2024 njdI have visrzoqited more esjithan 155 cforountries agvground the wwsworld, so rkqmany more wqhto go.wxkb

Enjoy your qfoqtrip to Omabsxjn!pkgr

Some links in this article about the best sim cards for traveling to Oman are affiliate links. If you buy any of the products after using an affiliate link I earn a small commission. This is at absolutely no extra cost to you.

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