Different Types Of Personal Loans That You Can Get

As a student, you might want to get personal loans, but what you should know is that the interest rates for those types of loans are very high and they can make your finances extremely stressful. If you want to get personal loans without having trouble paying them off and knowing exactly how much money you’re saving on those loans, then it might be worth shopping around for different types of personal loans. Some of these loans will come with lower interest rates as well as long-term repayment options. However, while there are more and more options available, there are also some loans that are a little bit more expensive than others. The following list does not contain all the deals offered by each lender. For example, you might decide that this loan for students with jobs would suit you better.

Let us start from the bottom. There are three kinds of loans that you can get depending on your financial goals. These loans are traditional, federal, and federal PLUS. Traditional loans come in four different forms: fixed rate personal loans, adjustable-rate personal loans, public entity loans, and FHA loans. Federal loans have the highest interest and the longest repayment period. It can take up to 20 years before the interest will be paid back on those loans if you choose an appropriate repayment date. This makes it one of the most common personal loans to get. Adjustment-rate personal loans are more like variable rate personal loans. Unlike regular personal loans, you can adjust the amount of the loan according to the income. So you can have more or less money than you think. And so the interest rate stays the same whether or not you have enough money. Plus, it comes with longer repayment periods. Lastly, the Public entity loans are based upon government regulations, such as credit score. Most people take advantage of this option to become eligible for a small loan. These loans are usually only accessible to individuals with good credit scores. FHA loans come in two main forms. A short form and a long form. Let’s begin talking about these two kinds of personal loans.

Short Form Personal Loan

A short term personal loan refers to a personal loan taken to borrow money for a limited time period. Short-term personal loans may be offered to individuals with very few creditworthy skills.

Let us discuss several advantages:

You don’t need any kind of collateral to avail of this type of loans

It doesn’t require a big deposit to be deposited before you get the loan

It has a shorter repayment period; interest rates are low

Long Term Personal Loan

A long-term personal loan takes a lot of time before you can receive the full return. On average, it can last up to 18 months, plus, there’s a minimum of $100,000 in a bank account to repay. Long-term personal loans have significant interest rates and you have to pay the loan no matter what. However, you can get these loans at higher interest rates if you invest in property or real estate. These kinds of loans are suitable for college athletes, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Hence the best choices to go for are those who work in fields where they have experience.

Let us talk about the various advantages:

It helps you to cover your entire expenses

It helps you to save on housing cost

It gives enough time to complete your career

It helps you earn enough money to move forward

You get access to capital that you need without going into debt

These aren’t so bad to get if you have plenty of savings. While it is hard to predict how much money the future holds for you, you already have some financial stability. With such a large number of options available to help you achieve whatever you desire, getting a long-term personal loan can seem daunting. In fact, it isn’t, especially if you’ve just completed your higher education or your job position is strong. This means that you can afford to take a step back and consider making extra money from your spare cash. Besides, even though the interest rates and duration get higher as your spending goes along, if you have enough money to repay the loan, you’ll be able to easily see some results. When it comes to personal loans, most people opt to use the right amount at the right time to do anything. Therefore, you need to identify which kind of loan will best fit your needs. For instance, the first option that fits your budget is the short-term personal loan. Here we have discussed both fixed and variable rate personal loans. Next up, let us look at a variety of options for obtaining a federal personal loan.

Federal Student Borrowing

Federal college students can purchase different types of federal personal loans. They include FSB and FSB personal loans. To start out the discussion, Federal Direct Repayments (FDR) are given to students who complete their studies at colleges such as community colleges and public universities all over the country. Federal Consolidation Service (FCS) is provided for those whose course includes a Master’s degree. These students can get an FDCS to help them cover their education expenses and other necessities. Once a federal student gets a Federal Student Bank Personal loan, he/she needs to pay the interest rate. He doesn’t need any special conditions or any prerequisites to apply for this particular loan. Apart from federal loans, Federal Small Business Administration (FSBA) grants a great deal of loans to entrepreneurs starting their businesses. You can obtain many services from lenders in order to aid you get this loan. Also, you can find private banks offering similar offers to those of the Federal agencies, but again, you need to meet specific criteria in order to be considered for this particular loan.

Federal Consolidation Personal Loan

Many borrowers consider combining the two kinds of financing from government agencies. But this is not possible because of the interest rates that you need to pay. The top choice for investors is Federal Consolidation Financial Services (FCFS).

When choosing FCFS personal loans, you need to meet certain requirements in order to be granted the loan. First, you need to have a valid ID, a monthly household income of at least $1000, and your net worth. Second, you can apply for FCFS under emergency circumstances such as if you are behind on rent or if your business suddenly goes down. Generally speaking, it is recommended for individuals with a family earning more than $20,000 to get FCFS. FCFS is meant solely for small business owners who don’t have any other source of employment. Nevertheless, there are other loans that you can access for your college tuition such as federal personal loans offered by institutions.

Federal Consumer Credit Protection Program (FCPCP) Loans

Federal Home Mortgage Corporation (FHA) is another lending agency which provides grants and counseling services to housebuyers. After applying for the FCPA and getting approved, the person will be given a 3.5% annual percentage rate (APR) plus a 30-year fixed term loan. Even after achieving the maximum APRs, you’ll either be given a 60-year mortgage loan, or a 5-year fixed term loan. The thing is that the lowest APR possible and the longest loan is 90%. Though the FCPPP is not intended for homeowners but everyone can apply to acquire this new grant. So that’s why you’ve to be very careful when deciding which kind of government loan will be right for you. Since this loan is for home improvement, you can buy or otherwise renovate your house without any problem. This means that you can always return, fix the flaws, and sell your house for the price you wanted. Thus, you don’t have to worry about repaying the loan. Additionally, since there’s nothing like permanent damage, you can plan to build your dream house at your own convenience. The issue here is not the loan itself. You need to qualify for this if you’re thinking of buying your home or selling. There aren’t too many FCPPP loans on offer. You have to check carefully and see the details of the one offering the free consultation.

State Private Lending

State Private Capital Funding (SPCF) is the second largest state finance provider for private companies. Through SPCF, you can obtain access to the ‘business builder’ grants. Then you can develop your company to receive funds as well as other benefits. These grants cover costs such as building materials, legal fees, etc. You must prepare all your documents and request for them to be evaluated by an evaluation committee before being awarded the grant. Along with the grants, you will also have access to information on funding to learn more about your business.

In addition to the grants, you can avail of the tax breaks and other incentives offered by the State government. For instance, if you are looking to expand your business, you can get a 6% VAT exemption. Or you can also receive discounts of 80%, 40%, and 20% depending on your business size. Other features of the SCPF loans includes flexibility to change the length of time needed for your project. Furthermore, your business can apply for the ‘business builder’ grants and other benefits, depending on your business needs and desires.


So far we have covered how you can get a personal loan. Now let’s talk about a larger group of loans that you can obtain. We’ve classified our personal loans in terms of its application process and benefits. As you probably expected from us, we’ve listed the three types; traditional, adjusted-rate and federal. Our goal with the above list of personal loans was to break down the importance of the decision and ensure that each one of you with a stable and secure financial status.

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