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Details about the Processor

KineMaster Corporation has developed this processor called KineMaster. This processor was released on December 26, 2013 in the Google Play Store by KineMaster Corporation. This process has been downloaded by more than 10,00,000,000 people so far. Currently you can download this processor in the Google Play Store for 75.78 MB. The processor has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on the Play Store so far. Below you will find the benefits of this processor.


How To Use This Intro Template

You can create your intro video using this template. You can create an intro video with just your logo and text. The unique feature is that it can be created with mobile. Dealing with this template is a very simple one. So everybody can use it to create an intro video for your YouTube channel MV Creation Tamil.


How To Use This Black Screen Effects

This effect helps to make your video or photos look more beautiful. Let me tell you how to use it. There is an option called Blending after you place this effect on your photos or video and select the video. You have to choose the Screen option and your video will be added to that effect.


How To Use This Green Screen Effect

With this effect you can make your photos or videos look great. There are many forms of this effect. Let me tell you how to use it. You have to put the video at the top of your photo and choose an option called Chromo Key. Then everything in the result will be added to the top of your photo.


KineMaster Premium Features Multiple Layers

You can add and edit your favorite videos and photos one by one in the KineMaster app. This feature is only available in the Kinemaster application, though there are many processors. This way you can edit your favorite videos correctly…



With this feature you can set some codes wherever your videos are needed. This makes it easier for viewers who watch your videos to show you what code you want to display.


Chroma Key

This chroma key option is used to provide the video’s background. The background of the video was the only art that could easily be presented. For example, if the background of the video is green, it is easier to remov. When selecting the color of the video and removing it, select the key color as the same color. Only then can the video’s rear background be removable.


Voice Recording

This processor also has the ability to record your voice wherever necessary while editing the video. There are many processors in the Google Play Store for recording voice, but this processor features a voice recorder when you edit your videos.


Voice Changer

This option is used to change your original voice or make the other voice in the video a different voice. For example, the processor has features that make your voice sound like a robot can.


Animation and Transition Effects

Animation effects are used to effect the characters. Transition helps to have effects on photos and video. It can use an animation at the beginning and an option at the end. To put it plainly, it can give an effect at the beginning of an alphabet and an effect when the spell disappears.

Clip Graphics

Using this option you can create new effects in the middle of your videos. For example, if you cut a video in the middle of a video, you can give it a new effect. This will mean the effects you have when switching from one video to another. Then it would be lovely to watch the video. Because the effect you have when switching from one video to another will make that video beautiful.


Extract Audio

This can also be a great feature because in this processor, when editing a video you do not have the lyrics to the video, but if you have the video for that audio you can extract the audio separately from the video and then delete the video you don’t want. This option is used to take the song you want without having to download the song.


Export Quality

Using this processor you can edit videos up to 4K to 60fps. This will make it clear to watch your videos. Viewers can easily understand the information contained in the video. You can also transfer videos to your favorite format. For example, if you want 720p to 30fps, you can output your videos to that size.




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